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Corrientes Enmarañadas/Streams of Entanglements

This body of work processes ways in which the body is a home, a site, a landscape of memories, and how movement expresses its ever-changing and unfixed nature. At the center of these fecund terrains are enveloped and embroidered textiles that serve both as foundational support and binders or as skeletons and skin. Leaves unfurl, wings flutter, blood circulates through entangled veins, roots extend outward, hands clasp and release, and fallen flowers decompose and re-grow. Through the coiling of color, stitching of imagery, and interlacing of form, these works thread the autobiographical, social, and familial norms of feminine roles to contend with the stereotypes associated with women's work. Other works express the energetic presence of femininity through their radiating color and transparencies. Several pieces honor the complex nature and intergenerational exchange between mujeres — sus saberes, knowledge, strengths, and support networks.


Interview with curator, artist, and educator Kristan Kennedy to talk about craft, decomposing hierarchies, language, and the works in Corrientes Enmarañadas /Streams of entanglements.

Installation Views: Josh Schaedel
Images of Artwork: Claudia Monteagudo
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