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Tesando Agujeros

This exhibition crafts intersections between weaving, drawing, painting, assemblage, and sculpture. The tesadura processes red through the body as it thinks through its difficulties within familial and epistemological structures of power. The private household is a site of feminine violence, where socially constructed ideas of what it means to be feminine and divisions of gender show up and reproduce. By gathering objects of intimacy from inside and outside the home, this tesadura reflects on the economy of feminine consumption and weaves through the tensions between public and private space. These objects are cues that question prescriptive ideas of femininity. La tesadura re-interprets and re-imagines red. It takes its sensitivity and shakes it up. Through the pouring of resin, coiling of color, stitching, and weaving of objects, it feels red’s troubles, questions what is at risk, grieves what is lost, and re-builds its muscle.

Photo Credits: Zachary Balber
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