Raices de Paz, 2020
Fabric tape, natural material and found objects

An extension of this installation can be available.

(20% of proceeds go to the Loveland Foundation)

"Art Off-Screen" is an international exhibition, organized by Eileen Jeng Lynch, of artwork displayed and performances taking place in outward-facing locations, so the work can be viewed from outside by the community. With pause orders during the pandemic, art has moved online and much of it is behind closed doors. "Art Off-Screen" provides access to art beyond a screen, inspiring creativity, amplifying voices, encouraging change, and sending messages of hope and healing. 


All art can be viewed here: https://neumeraki.com/

Artwork Description is written in the form of a poem.

Original Version in Spanish:

Ser unidos, no deprimidos es ver el ser dentro uno y dos más.

Eso es ver a los demás.

Llamo a mi niña interior que crezca.

Crecer es despertar la pureza del corazón para conocer el dolor de otros y ver La Paz.

English Version:


To be one not dispirited is to see the root of you and I.

I call my inner child to awaken and bloom the pureness of the heart.

Seeds of pain are now in sight-- a light for change in you and I.